Portrait Pendants


Available on-line exclusively. 

The portrait pendant has a long history in the world of jewelry design. Early examples show loved ones painstakingly rendered in oils or carved from a variety of materials. We have taken this concept and applied it to our favorite material (wood) and process (laser cutting).

Using a photo of your choice we will laser-etch the image on to our special gold-leafed walnut veneer to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

These portrait pendants feature custom-cut, oxidized sterling silver backings and hang from 14kt gold-filled chain.

Please note: The process of etching can produce a wide range of effects and every photo yields very different results. We work carefully with your image to create the best piece possible from your image.

After you have purchased your portrait pendant (don't forget to choose a shape), simply email us with a JPEG. We will confirm your custom order within 24 hours.